You can easily find yourself set up for failure. Verifying and checking metrics before you start was one of the most valuable lessons I learned (the hard way).

Destined for failure

This is an issue that I’ve seen a few times over the years and have run afoul of early in my career. It’s also one of the most important lessons I ever learned.

It’s common knowledge that a large proportion of data science projects fail. This is often attributed to…

Save money and frustration by considering the roles of analysts, data engineers, and software engineers in your data teams.

The Wrong People for the Job

I’ve seen this across many companies I’ve both worked in and consulted for throughout my career — we’re not hiring the right people for the job!

I still hear a lot of horror stories of data science teams underperforming, management losing confidence in data science in general, or data scientists…

The most common reasons strong candidates get stuck in an interview are often easy to fix with the right focus

Images of a computer


The tech world seems to have gone mad for data scientists in the last few years: many people want to get into the role and plenty of organisations are looking to hire them. As someone that’s interviewed and hired scores of talented, capable individuals for the ‘Sexiest Job of the…

The soft skills that most developers struggle with and some guidance on how to improve them

Frustrated man using phone

It’s Not All About the Tech

As techies, we can get really excited about learning the newest tools and approaches. There’s always some big discussion in the community, like R vs. Python, Power BI vs. Tableau, TensorFlow vs. PyTorch, etc. It’s easy to get drawn in. You’re passionate about tech. Good.

One thing that can really…


A lack of available data is stifling the adoption of machine learning solutions. Federated Data Sharing might be the answer.

From the earliest themes of artificial intelligence in Greek mythology, people have long thought about AI and the possibilities it may hold. With the advances in computation and mathematics, Alan Turing’s 1950 paper on thinking machines sparked the first real developments of this in practice. …

A look at why the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’ has lost its appeal

Dream job?

We’re often bombarded with how popular data science is as a career. It’s all too common to read things like data science being the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” or yearly comparisons of high salary expectations.

Data science has a lot to offer. It’s a challenging role with plenty…

Improving the #1 skill for data professionals

More than anything else, how you communicate will be the dominant factor in your success as a data scientist. Hear why and what you can do to turn communication into a strength.

I get asked a lot by aspiring data scientist questions about how to improve and what they should…

Books that’ll give you a wider perspective when working in data science and applying machine learning at scale

Reading a book

I first started coding during an extended hospital stay back in 2010. I told myself, “If I’m stuck here, I want to learn something useful.” Like most people who take the plunge, I soon got carried away with this newfound power! …

Tips to help you stand out from the pack and get you hired from an experienced data science leader


Data science is a highly attractive career for many reasons — so the competition can be tough. Some of the tips below that make a great candidate stand out might surprise you!

I’ve written this article for a variety of audiences:

  • You might just be starting out and trying to…

Adam Sroka

Dr Adam Sroka, Head of Machine Learning Engineering at Origami Energy, is an experienced data and AI leader helping organisations unlock value from data.

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